Agency Mission and Goals

The State Medical Board of Ohio issues licenses and oversees the practice of allopathic physicians (MD), osteopathic physicians (DO), podiatric physicians (DPM), massage therapists (LMT), and cosmetic therapists (CT) under the authority of the Medical Practices Act, Chapter 4731, Ohio Revised Code (ORC). The Medical Board continues to regulate naprapaths and mechanotherapists licensed by the Board before March 1992.


The Medical Board also regulates Physician Assistants, ORC Chapter 4730, Dietitians, ORC Chapter 4759, Anesthesiologist Assistants, ORC Chapter 4760, Respiratory Care Professionals, ORC Chapter 4761, Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, ORC Chapter 4762, ORC, Radiologist Assistants, ORC Chapter 4774, and Genetic Counselors, ORC Chapter 4778.


The Medical Board’s regulatory responsibilities include investigating complaints against applicants and licensees and taking disciplinary action against those who violate the public health and safety standards set by the General Assembly and the Medical Board.


Agency Mission

To protect and enhance the health and safety of the public through effective medical regulation.


Agency Goals

  • Ensure persons practicing medicine meet sufficient standards of education, training, competence and ethics.

  • Define and advocate for standards of safe medical practice.

  • Prohibit persons from practicing medicine whose violations are so egregious as to forfeit the privilege or who otherwise lack the legal authority.

  • Provide information about the licensees of the Medical Board, the Board’s functions and operations, and the laws governing the practice of medicine. 

  • Achieve and maintain the highest possible levels of organizational efficacy.