Partners in Professionalism

Partners in Professionalism

The Partners in Professionalism (PIP) program is an opportunity for the State Medical Board to educate students about the responsibility of Medical Board licensure and the consequences of violating Ohio regulation. The board desires to make a lasting impact on these students and the formation of their careers.

PIP was launched in 2007, originally as a joint educational program between the board and the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine. Since then, the board has expanded to three of Ohio’s seven medical schools, one podiatric college of medicine, and other Ohio universities.

During PIP presentations, students are informed about the board’s core services and engaged with case study discussions that illustrate the leading causes for a board disciplinary action, such as inability to practice safely due to chemical dependency; inappropriate prescribing; criminal acts/convictions; and sanctions by other regulatory boards. Students are encouraged to use critical thinking to evaluate the presented licensee misconduct and apply the lessons to their own experiences. This is often students’ first introduction to the board and its processes.

Through this program, the board has interacted with students in all stages of their school experience through presentations, panel discussions, group visits to the Medical Board and face-to-face conversations.

The board looks forward to further expanding the PIP program to other schools in Ohio and will continue to partner with educators in preparing young health professionals for their futures.

If you would like the Medical Board to be a part of your program’s curriculum, email with Partners in Professionalism in the subject line.


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