Training Certificate (MD, DO, DPM)

MD, DO & DPM Training Certificate Renewal

Certificate Renewal

A training certificate may be renewed for one additional three-year period. If you do not renew your training certificate before the expiration date, you may submit an application for late renewal within 30 days after the certificate's expiration date. The late renewal application will require an increased “reinstatement” fee.

When you are ready to start the online renewal process, go to and follow the online instructions. Note: if you experience technical issues on the eLicense website, please use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser.


Renewal Fees

Renewal fee $100.00

Late renewal fee $150.00

Transaction fee $3.50


Mid-Year Program Changes

  • If you change programs, complete the Training Program Change form and have the new program email it directly to the Medical Board at

  • Do NOT complete a new training certificate application.

  • Acknowledgment by the Board of receipt of a Notification of Change in Program will be required prior to your starting the new training program.