Physician (MD, DO, DPM)

Doctor of Medicine Renewal

License Renewal

Ohio licenses may be renewed online at Note: if you experience technical issues on the eLicense website, please use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser.

Renewals can be submitted within 180 days prior to the expiration date.

Renewal reminders are no longer mailed. There is a system generated email at 90, 60 and 30-days prior to the expiration date. Please check your spam or junk folders for this notice, since they are delivered from a “NoReply” account and keep your email updated.

You can watch a short video walking through the eLicense process:

  • Navigate to

  • Choose Login / Create an Account

  • Log in with your email address and password

 Once on your Dashboard:

  • Find the license you wish to renew

  • Click the Options button on that license tile

  • Choose Renew from the dropdown options

  • Be sure to update your profile and contact information

  • Complete the application including payment of renewal fees with a credit card

An automated email will be sent to you once you have successfully completed the renewal application and paid the required fee. A confirmation letter with a replica wallet card will be attached to the email. If you have questions or need assistance, please email


Late License Renewal

Late renewal is applicable if the license has lapsed for less than two years.


License Restoration

A restoration is applicable if the license has been inactive for two years or more. 


Renewal Fees

Renewal fee $305.00

Late renewal fee $405.00

Restoration fee $505.00

Transaction fee $3.50

Physician Loan Repayment Program fee $20.00​

  • Pursuant to Ohio law, twenty dollars of each renewal fee goes to the Physician Loan Repayment Fund which provides loan repayment assistance to physicians who commit to practice in underserved areas. Further information regarding the Ohio Physician Loan Repayment Program can be found on the Ohio Department of Health’s website here.


Continuing Medical Education (CME) Requirements

  • Licensees are required to complete 50 hours of CME every two-year registration period

    • A minimum of one hour must be on the topic of a licensee’s duty to report. The board has created a one-hour course designed to educate physicians (MDs, DOs and DPMs) on the duty to report to the State Medical Board of Ohio. The webpage and video can be found here.  

    • The remainder must be completed by participating in activities meeting the requirements of rule 4731-10-02 

      • ​Educational activities that have been certified for Category 1 CME credit

      • Accredited internships, residencies, and fellowships (credit earned at a rate of one hour of CME per week of participation)

      • Providing health care services in Ohio, as a volunteer, to indigent and uninsured persons pursuant to section 4745.04 of the Ohio Revised Code up to a maximum of ten hours (credit earned at a rate of one hour for every five hours providing services)

  • CME Records/Audits

    • Records of CME must be retained for two years after the end of the two-year registration period

    • Physicians may be selected at random for auditing of CME hours. Upon receipt of an audit notification, the requested information must be provided within the timeframe indicated on the notice

    • Although not required, you may track your CME completion online with CE Broker. Click here for further information.

  • No provisions exist between Ohio and other states for reciprocity of CME requirements for renewal.

  • Physicians residing or practicing outside of Ohio, and physicians who are not currently practicing, must complete CME requirements if they wish to maintain their license.

  • Applicants for restoration of a license must have met the CME requirement during the 24 months preceding the date of application for restoration. If the applicant has not met the requirement, the applicant must do so as a prerequisite to restoration of the license.

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