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Updated Telehealth Rules

On Wednesday, February 8, the board voted to adopt new telehealth rules. Along with Ohio’s telehealth law in Sub. HB 122 (134th G.A.) (in particular R.C. 4743.09) which became effective on March 23, 2022, the rules expand telehealth for physicians (MD, DO, DPM), physician assistants, dietitians, respiratory care professionals and genetic counselors. The rules will go into effect on February 28, 2023

Click here to read the adopted rules.

Click here to read R.C. 4743.09.

The standard of care for a telehealth visit must meet the standard of care for an in-person visit. If you intend to use telehealth in your practice, it is important that you review all rules and laws to ensure you remain in compliance. The board has also created a Telehealth Rules Document to highlight the changes that will be implemented.

As a reminder, the new telehealth rules govern practice in the state of Ohio, based on where the patient is located. The board has no jurisdiction over practice in another state.

If you have questions about the new rules, please email

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