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Scam Targets Ohio Physicians


Licensees should be on alert for a scam that has been reported in targeting Ohio physicians. During the reported incident, the scammer calls the physician’s office and says they are being investigated by the DEA for inappropriate prescribing and their license will be revoked if they do not agree to pay a fine immediately via phone or fax. In one such incident, the scammer even faxed a fraudulent document to the physician using the State Medical Board logo. Medical Board investigators have alerted our partners at the DEA of this scam and those agents will also be on alert. If you are contacted, please report the incident to local law enforcement and the Medical Board investigations division by calling 614-466-3934.

Please be aware that if the State Medical Board of Ohio is truly conducting an investigation and that individual faces action against their license, they will receive an official notice of opportunity for a hearing either via certified mail or by personal service. Further, information on all suspensions of Medical Board licenses and the payment of all Medical Board fines can be found via the official state website,

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