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from the State Medical Board of Ohio

Proposed Creation of Confidential Monitoring Program

The State Medical Board of Ohio (“Medical Board”) invites interested parties to comment on proposed rules that will create a non-disciplinary, confidential monitoring program that allows licensees with mental or physical illnesses, other than substance use disorders, to be monitored by the Medical Board without being subjected to formal public disciplinary action. The program will be entirely within the Medical Board’s investigative process and overseen by the Secretary and Supervising Member of the Medical Board.

If the proposed confidential monitoring program is created, there will be three possible results should the Medical Board receive a complaint alleging that an applicant or licensee is unable to safely practice due to mental or physical illness, excluding substance use disorders. The three possibilities are: (1) the complaint is closed after review, with no public disclosure; (2) the individual is entered into the confidential monitoring program, with no public disclosure; or (3) formal disciplinary action against the individual is proposed, with the action being publicly disclosed. The proposed rules are as follows:

4731-28-02 Eligibility for confidential monitoring program

4731-28-03 Participation in the confidential monitoring program

4731-28-04 Disqualification from continued participation in the confidential monitoring program

4731-28-05 Termination of the participation agreement for the confidential monitoring program


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