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from the State Medical Board of Ohio

New Rules Effective July 31, 2019

New rules have been adopted by the Medical Board and are effective on July 31, 2019.


Limited Branches of Medicine

4731-1-02 Application of rules governing limited branches of medicine


Physician Licensure

4731-6-01 Definitions

4731-6-02 Preliminary education for medical and osteopathic licensure

4731-6-03 Eligibility for the medical and osteopathic examination

4731-6-05 Format of medical and osteopathic examination

4731-6-07 Passing average on examination – Rescinded

4731-6-10 Clinical competency examination –​ Rescinded

4731-6-14 Eligibility for licensure by examination

4731-6-15 Eligibility for licensure of national board diplomates and medical council of Canada licentiates

4731-6-16 Eligibility for medical or osteopathic licensure by endorsement of licenses granted by other states –​ Rescinded

4731-6-21 Application procedures for certificate issuance; investigation

4731-6-22 Abandonment and withdrawal of medical and osteopathic licensure applications

4731-6-30 Training certificates

4731-6-31 Limited preexamination registration and limited certification

4731-6-32 Clinical research faculty certificates –​ Rescinded

4731-6-33 Special activity certificates

4731-6-34 Volunteer certificates

4731-6-35 Processing applications from service members, veterans, or spouses of service members or veterans


Notice of Medical Board Meetings

4731-7-01 Method of notice of meetings


Anesthesiologist Assistants

4731-24-01 Definitions

4731-24-02 Anesthesiologist assistants: supervision

4731-24-03 Anesthesiologist assistants: enhanced supervision

4731-24-05 Military provisions related to certificate to practice as an anesthesiologist assistant


Standards and Procedures for Physician Prescribing When the Drug May be Administered by a Pharmacist

4731-34-01 Standards and procedures to be followed by physicians when prescribing a dangerous drug that may be administered by a pharmacist by injection


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