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Medical Board Adopts New Confidential One-bite Program For Practitioners Seeking Treatment For a Substance Use Disorder

On January 31, the State Medical Board adopted rules for Ohio’s new One-bite program: a confidential program that allows an eligible practitioner who is impaired due to a substance use disorder to avoid formal disciplinary action by the Medical Board. 

Eligibility for the One-bite program is determined by the Ohio Physicians Health Program (OPHP), the board-approved monitoring organization responsible for conducting the One-bite program. The program is available to all Medical Board license types, except applicants for licensure.

In order to be eligible for the confidential One-bite program, practitioners must meet the following criteria:

    1. Be diagnosed with substance use disorder and impaired in ability to practice.

    2. Be a first-time participant in the program

    3. Have no prior disciplinary action for substance use disorder or impairment by any              licensing board in Ohio


To maintain eligibility for the One-bite program, practitioners must complete treatment at an approved One-bite program facility, complete continuing care, enter into a monitoring agreement with OPHP, and comply with all conditions of treatment and monitoring.

OPHP will not disclose to the Medical Board the name or records relating to a practitioner participating in the One-bite program unless certain conditions exist. Participation in the One-bite program does not preclude the Medical Board from pursuing action for violating any other statute or board regulation.

If you think you may qualify for the One-bite program or know a colleague in need of help, please contact the Ohio Physicians Health Program at (614) 841-9690 or

For more information, see Sec. 4731.251 and 4732.252 of the Revised Code and Rule 4731-16-17 - 4731-16-21 of the Ohio Administrative Code.

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