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from the State Medical Board of Ohio

Board Seeks Comment Regarding One-bite Program

The State Medical Board of Ohio has filed proposed actions concerning rules with the Common Sense Initiative Office. The proposals are available for your comment.


Section 4731.251, Ohio Revised Code, requires the Medical Board to adopt rules that establish a program by which all Medical Board licensees may receive confidential treatment for impairment by drugs, alcohol or other substances of abuse.

Rule 4731-16-17: sets forth the requirements of the one-bite program.

Rule 4731-16-18: sets forth the eligibility criteria for program participants.

Rule 4731-16-19: sets forth the requirements for the monitoring organization.

Rule 4731-16-20: sets forth the requirements for the treatment providers.

Rule 4731-16-21: sets forth the requirements for continuing care.


Please provide comments to both of the following:

Comment deadline: June 15, 2018


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