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Accepting Applications for Licensed Dietitian on the Dietetics Advisory Council

The State Medical Board of Ohio is pleased to announce that it is accepting applications for a licensed dietitian council member seat on the Dietetics Advisory Council. The Board appoints the Dietetics Advisory Council to advise the Board on issues relating to the practice of dietetics. 


The statutory requirement for this seat is that the council member be licensed under Chapter 4759 of the Ohio Revised Code and actively engaged in the practice of dietetics.


The Dietetics Advisory Council shall meet at least four times each year. The council member seat appointment will be for a 3-year term. The appointment will require attendance at quarterly meetings which generally run for 1-2 hours each quarter in Columbus. Members of the council are reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses associated with travel to Columbus for the meetings.


At council meetings, members of the council discuss issues relating to the practice of dietetics in Ohio, and the council may submit recommendations to the Medical Board in the following areas: 

(1) Requirements for issuing a license to practice as a dietitian or as a limited permit holder, including the educational and experience requirements that must be met to receive the license or permit.

(2) Existing and proposed rules pertaining to the practice of dietetics and the administration and enforcement of this chapter;

(3) Standards for the approval of educational programs required to qualify for licensure and continuing education programs for licensure renewal;

(4) Policies related to the issuance and renewal of licenses and limited permits;

(5) Fees for the issuance and renewal of a license to practice dietetics as a licensee or as a limited permit holder;

(6) Standards of practice and ethical conduct in the practice of dietetics; and

(7) The safe and effective practice of dietetics, including scope of practice and minimal standards of care.


If you are interested in serving as a council member, please submit an application by email to by February 25, 2019.

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