Comments due 5/31/22

The State Medical Board of Ohio has filed proposed actions concerning rules with the Common Sense Initiative Office.  The proposals are available for your comment.

A state rule-making agency may propose to adopt a new rule, amend or rescind an existing rule, or propose to continue a rule without any changes.  Sections 107.62 and 121.82, Ohio Revised Code, require state agencies to draft rules in collaboration with stakeholders, assess and justify any adverse impact on the business community, and provide an opportunity for the affected public to provide input on the proposed rules.  The Business Impact Analysis for the proposed rules discusses the purpose of the rule and identifies the nature of the adverse impact on licensees.  The Common Sense Initiative review most be completed before the rules can begin the formal rule-making process through the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review. 

At this time, public comment is being sought on the proposed actions for the following rules.  Below is a link to the rule(s) and the Business Impact Analysis filed with the Common Sense Initiative.

Telehealth Rules

4731-37-01 Telehealth                                                           Proposed New Rule

4731-11-09 Controlled substance and telehealth prescribing     Proposed New Rule        

4731-11-09 Prescribing to persons not seen by the physician    Propose to Rescind

4730-1-07   Miscellaneous provisions                                      Propose to Amend

4730-2-07   Standards for prescribing                                     Propose to Amend

4759-11-01 Miscellaneous provisions                                      Propose to Amend

4761-15-01 Miscellaneous provisions                                      Propose to Amend

4778-1-06   Miscellaneous provisions                                      Propose to Amend


Comments on the proposed rules must be received no later than May 31, 2022.  Please provide comments to both of the following:


Medical Board at:


Common Sense Initiative Office at: