Subacute and Chronic Pain

Subacute/Chronic Pain Rules

PROPOSED RULES: Seeking comments on the Medical Board’s initial review of rules


The State Medical Board of Ohio seeks public input on proposed rules several times during the rule-making process. Public input is sought after the Medical Board has conducted its initial review of rules, after rules are filed with the Common Sense Initiative Office, and at the public hearing that occurs after the rules are formally filed with the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review.


The Medical Board’s initial review of rules may result in a proposal to amend current rules, rescind current rules, make no changes to current rules, and/or adopt new rules. Comments received will be reviewed and possibly result in changes to the initially proposed language before the rules are then filed with the Common Sense Initiative Office. 


At this time, public comment is being sought on the proposed language for the following rules:

Proposed subacute and chronic pain rules

4731-11-01 Definitions

4731-11-02 General Provisions

4731-11-XX Prescribing for subacute and chronic pain


Deadline for submitting comments: May 25, 2018


Comments to: Sallie Debolt, Senior Counsel, State Medical Board of Ohio