PA Rules: QA, on-site supervision, prescriber number

Proposed Rules: Seeking comments on the Medical Board’s initial review of rules

The State Medical Board of Ohio seeks public input on proposed rules several times during the rule-making process. Public input is sought after the Medical Board has conducted its initial review of rules, after rules are filed with the Common Sense Initiative Office and at the public hearing that occurs after the rules are formally filed with the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review.

The Medical Board’s initial review of rules may result in a proposal to amend current rules, rescind current rules, make no changes to current rules, and/or adopt new rules. Comments received will be reviewed and possibly result in changes to the initially proposed language before the rules are then filed with the Common Sense Initiative Office. 


At this time, public comment is being sought on the proposed language for the following rules: 

Rules 4730-1-05, 4730-2-04, and 4730-2-05, Ohio Administrative Code


Rule 4730-1-05: Quality assurance system

The current rule is proposed to be continued with no changes.


Rule 4730-2-04: Provisional period of physician-delegated prescriptive authority

The current rule must be amended to reflect that there is no provisional period. However, there is a period of on-site supervision. The Medical Board receives inquiries concerning how to conduct the period and the documentation needed. Accordingly, the rule is proposed to be amended to “Period of on-site supervision of physician-delegated prescriptive authority.”

  • Paragraph (A): Clarifies that the term “supervising physician” includes a physician who has been designated as the primary supervising physician where there are multiple supervising physicians.

  • Paragraph (B): Sets out the supervision responsibilities of the supervising physician during the on-site supervision period.

  • Paragraph (C): Carries forth the current provisions allowing for transfer of supervision hours to subsequent physicians when certain criteria are met. 

  • Paragraph (D): Sets the record keeping requirement to establish that the on-site supervision period is not required because the physician assistant practiced with prescriptive authority in another jurisdiction for not less than one thousand hours.


Because of the significant changes, the current rule will be rescinded and a new 4730-2-04 will be adopted.


Rule 4730-2-05: Certificate to prescribe

The current rule is proposed to be drastically amended to reflect the mechanism for obtaining the valid prescribing number when the initial license was issued without the valid prescriber number endorsement. Because of the significant changes, the current rule will be rescinded and a new 4730-2-05 will be adopted.


The above three rules have been reviewed by the Physician Assistant Policy Committee and the State Medical Board for consistency with current law. This memo sets out the proposed actions resulting from the review. You are invited to submit comments on the proposed rules.  


Comments will be accepted through the end of business on January 18, 2018.

Comments to: Sallie Debolt, Senior Counsel, State Medical Board of Ohio