Compliance FAQs

Q: How do I find out if a physician has had formal disciplinary action?

A: The board maintains a list of all Ohio physicians who have or had formal disciplinary action. The list can be found by clicking here.


Q: If my license is suspended, what activities are permissible?

A: A suspended practitioner may engage in activities unrelated to medical practice during the period of suspension, provided that the practitioner does not represent themselves in any way that would suggest that they are currently licensed.

Further, the practitioner may engage in an activity peripherally related to the medical field, provided that the activity does not involve any of the elements of the practice of medicine as defined by Section 4731.34 of the Revised Code.

Permissible activities would include teaching, research, and administration, provided that such activities are entirely non-clinical in nature and do not otherwise require that the practitioner hold a current license issued by the State Medical Board. Permissibility of chart review activities would, once again, turn upon whether or not those activities are tantamount to the practice of medicine as defined by Section 4731.34 of the Revised Code. For example, if performed for research purposes only, chart review could be performed by a person whose license is suspended, but if that same review would be performed for purposes of rendering a clinical judgment or recommendation, it would be prohibited. In no event may the practitioner hold themself out or use designations that suggest that they hold a current license or in any way consult on or direct patient care.

This policy or position statement is only a guideline and should not be interpreted as being all inclusive or exclusive. The board will review possible violations of the Medical Practices Act and/or rules promulgated hereunder on a case by case basis.


Q: If my license is on probation with the board, is that considered a restricted license?

A: No. The State Medical Board’s position is that probationary status relates only to the monitoring of a licensee. It is not a specific practice restriction, and probationary status does not impact the eligibility of a licensee to fully practice in the State of Ohio. Specific practice restrictions will be explicitly noted on the board’s website. The board maintains a list of all Ohio physicians who have or had formal disciplinary action, including permanent license restrictions. The list can be found by clicking here.


Q: How does a treatment provider apply for board approval?

A: ​A treatment provider may apply for board approval or renewal of board approval by submission of the following application found here.

The application must be submitted by mail ATTN: Brandi Dorcy. Any questions regarding this application may be directed to


Q: How long does board approval last?

A: Currently, board approval is for a period of three years. An application for approval needs to be submitted to renew board approval.

Under the Ohio Administrative Code 4731-16-09(D), a treatment provider approved by the State Medical Board of Ohio must notify the board of:

  • any changes to the transfer of ownership of the program;

  • change in location or locations of the program; or

  • change of directorship prior to the changes becoming effective.

A treatment provider may update its information with the board by completing this verification form.

The completed form may be directed to


Please contact your compliance officer for more information on the process to petition for Board approval for an assessor not included on this list.