Expedited License (MD, DO)

Expedited Route to Licensure for MD & DO Applicants

The State Medical Board of Ohio is pleased to offer a concierge service for eligible MD & DO applicants. This enhanced, personalized service is provided by designated licensure staff and provides key application support, partnering with the applicant through the process toward a full medical license in Ohio.

For those eligible, seasoned and busy allopathic and osteopathic physicians seeking licensure in Ohio, the expedited application option saves valuable time and offers convenience. By choosing the expedited route, a designated staffer will provide key support services driving the application toward completion, such as obtaining the following items for you: Federation of State Medical Board Disciplinary Report; AMA/AOA Physician Profile; National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) Report; License Verifications.


Initial Application Fees

Application $1000.00

Transaction fee $3.50

Total due at submission $1003.50

The fees are not refundable so be sure to read through the eligibility requirements before applying at eLicense.ohio.gov.


Why Choose Expedited Licensing?

The board strongly encourages prospective applicants to complete their background checks as soon as they know that they will be applying for Ohio licensure. There is no need to wait until an application is submitted to start the background check process. The board will retain the background check results for up to one year upon receiving them. Once an application has been submitted to the board, its status will be updated to reflect receipt of the results.

  • All out-of-state applicants who have submitted an application and are unable to obtain electronic fingerprints in Ohio may request overnighted fingerprint cards. However, we recommend that all applicants begin the background check process prior to application submission. The background check packet can be obtained here.

  • Submission of an FCVS packet is not required. We will obtain the necessary reports on your behalf, whereas standard-route license applications require a separate FCVS which can cost the applicant an additional $400 or more.

  • Expedited applications are considered and conditionally approved by the Board on a weekly basis, instead of monthly.

  • In 2017, expedited licenses were issued 40% faster than the standard method.


The cost for the expedited route concierge service is $1,000. Not all applicants will be eligible to apply for an expedited license as there are strict eligibility requirements. Applicants who do not qualify for the Expedited License can apply for the Ohio license via the standard method. 


Eligibility Requirements

Applicants who do not qualify under the Expedited License can apply for the Ohio license via the standard method. 

Successfully passed one of the following:

  • Steps one, two, and three of the USMLE; or

  • Levels one, two, and three of the COMLEX-USA; or

  • FLEX;

  • LMCC;

  • NBME; or

  • NBOME.

  • For at least five years immediately preceding the date of application, held a current, unrestricted license to practice medicine and surgery or osteopathic medicine and surgery issued by the licensing authority of another state or Canadian province. Any years for which you have held a training certificate, limited practice certificate/license, restricted license cannot be counted toward the five-year requirement.

  • For at least two years immediately preceding the date of application actively practiced medicine and surgery or osteopathic medicine and surgery in a clinical setting.

  • Graduates of medical schools located in the U.S. or Canada must successfully complete one year of graduate medical education (GME) accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) or American Osteopathic Association (AOA). Graduates of foreign medical schools must successfully complete not less than two years of GME through the second-year level of training.

  • Have a clean license application, as defined below.

  • Not more than two malpractice claims within a period of ten years and no malpractice claim resulting in a total payment of more than five hundred thousand dollars.

  • No criminal record pursuant to 4731.081 of the Revised Code.

  • No medical condition that could affect your ability to practice according to acceptable and prevailing standards of care.

  • No adverse action taken by a health care institution.

  • No federal agency, medical society, medical association or branch of the United States military has investigated or taken action.

  • No professional licensing or regulatory authority has filed a complaint against, investigated or taken action, including no withdrawal of a professional license application.

  • No suspension or expulsion from any institution of higher education or school, including a medical school.

Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements at the time an application is submitted. Applications submitted by individuals who do not meet eligibility requirements are subject to denial by the board. Application fees are not refundable and an applicant will be required to reapply once eligibility requirements can be met.