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Licensee Profile & Status Lookup Instructions

The Licensee Profile and Status feature on this website is a tool you can use to check on the training, credentials, and disciplinary status of medical professionals licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio.

Monthly Formal Actions

The formal action reports include summary descriptions of the disciplinary actions initiated and the disciplinary sanctions imposed by the Medical Board at its monthly meeting. The reports also contain updated information regarding changes in probationary monitoring requirements, reinstatement of licenses following suspension, and status reports of cases on appeal through the courts.


Medical Board rules provide the details that clarifies and amplifies the provisions of the Ohio Revised Code and have the force and effect of law.


Medical Board statutes provide the details that clarifies and amplies the provisions of the Ohio RevisedCode and have the force and effect of law.

Policies & Position Statements

The Medical Board adopts policy and position statements to provide guidance to its licensees regarding specified aspects of patient care or professional practice. Unlike a statute or rule, a policy or position statement does not have the force and effect of law. Yet such statements inform the public and the professions of what the Medical Board considers to be the appropriate standard of care.

Your Report Newsletter

The Medical Board newsletter provides educational information regarding changes in law that impact Board licensees. Each also contains an updated description of recent disciplinary actions imposed by the Board.

Roster of Registered Physicians, Osteopathic Physicians & Podiatrists

The Roster is a listing of currently licensed Registered Physicians, Osteopathic Physicians and Podiatrists containing the license number, name, and address of record, county and the specialty if applicable.


Disciplinary Action Statistics (the current title of the chart is in the parenthesis):

Chart illustrating the number of disciplinary actions taken by each type of license regulated by the Medical Board (disciplinary actions by license type)

Chart illustrating the various methods the Board may use to issue a disciplinary action (formal action methods)

The volume and types of disciplinary actions issued by the Medical Board each calendar year is listed on this chart. (summary of disciplinary actions)

The primary basis for disciplinary action is listed on this chart. (primary basis for disciplinary action).

Licensure Activity Statistics

The number of licensees regulated by the Medical Board is shown on this chart (active license county by year).



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