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The State Medical Board of Ohio annually processes hundreds of physician applications for training certificates. In each case, the Medical Board conducts a thorough evaluation of basic medical credentials, employment or work history, and any criminal or disciplinary history. This process takes time – anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending in large part on how quickly the applicant complies with what is requested and the nature of any problems requiring closer scrutiny.

The Ohio Medical Board will not accelerate one application at the expense of another, nor will it forego any elements of its screening process.

The following suggestions are offered to help training certificate applicants, as well as those who recruit physicians for training programs:

Give the Board enough time to do its job. The Board’s issuance of an "acknowledgment letter" allows you to participate in a training program while we take the time necessary to carefully process your training certificate application.

Be aware that the process may take longer if there are items on the application about which the Board requires additional information.

Send your application materials and appropriate fee to the Board as soon as possible, in accordance with the directions in the application packet. The sooner you send them in, the sooner an acknowledgment letter can be issued.

Send the verification forms to the appropriate agency or institution for completion. If you return the forms to this Board instead of forwarding them to the appropriate agency for completion, it will only delay processing your application.

Help keep the paperwork moving. Some state licensing boards charge a fee for completing the license verification forms that are part of this training certificate application. You may save time by contacting them first and enclosing any required payment along with the verification form. State Board mailing addresses may be obtained from Click on "Member Services".

Keep a copy of the Additional Information questions and your response for your own reference. You must notify the Ohio Board, in writing, of any changes to the answers to these questions to ensure that they are up to date and accurate prior to a training certificate being granted to you.

Immediately notify the Board, in writing, of any change in address or training programs.



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