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Treatment Providers

A licensee seeking treatment for chemical dependency, either self-identified, or identified by another source, may be required to seek an evaluation and subsequent treatment with a Board-approved treatment provider. To that end, the Board reviews the treatment provider's Application for Good Standing to determine whether the provider meets the requirements set forth in section 4731-16-08, Ohio Administrative Code. A Certificate of Good Standing is subsequently reviewed every three years to determine continued compliance.

List of Chemical Dependency Assessors

List of Psychiatric Assessors

List of Approved Treatment Providers

CME courses for licensees who have been directed by the Board to seek continuing medical education in a specific area

Certificate of Good Standing as a Treatment Provider for Impaired Physicians

Renewal of Good Standing as a Treatment Provider for Impaired Physicians


The compliance section is responsible for monitoring board licensees who are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in Board Orders or Consent Agreements.

The various forms needed for compliance can be found in the links below.

Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Attendance Log

Declaration of Compliance

Instructions on How to Submit Specimens

Log of Controlled Substances Prescribed, Administered, Dispensed

Physician Assistant Prescribing Log

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Danielle Bickers, Compliance Supervisor

ph: (614) 644-9085

fx: (614) 728-5946

Annette Jones, Compliance Officer

ph: (614) 728-4641

fx: (614) 728-5946






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