Position Statements

Position Statements

Unlike a statute or rule, a position statement does not have the force and effect of law. Position statements are most often used to announce Medical Board policy, promote certain minimum guidelines and highlight safety concerns. Through a position statement, the Board can also put the public and the profession on notice of what it considers to be the appropriate standard of care. Below are Board-approved position statements:

FSMB - Kickback Notice

Prescribing Controlled Substances to Oneself or a Family Member

Licensee Responsibility for Statements on Reimbursement or Billing Documents

Podiatric Advertising

Release of Vision Prescriptions

Physical Examinations by Physicians

Signing of Death Certificate by Attending Physician


Corporate Practice of Medicine

Non-Invasive Vascular Testing

Interstate Compact Licensure

Addressing the Opioid Crisis in Ohio: A White Paper from the Consortium of Ohio Medical School Curricular Deans